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Leon Rosen Band

“I am your 21st Century Billy Joel.“ 

 Leon Rosen’s psychedelic pop combines his love of 1970s era piano-singer songwriter with contemporary indie rock and electronic music. The resulting recordings boast a sweet, nostalgic vibe with modern beats and arrangements.

Leon Rosen was raised at an artist commune in San Francisco. Initially inspired by theater and circus arts, he gravitated to music, attending San Francisco High School of the Arts in piano before leaving school to compose for film, theater, dance, burlesque at the Cell Space, pen the Burning Man Opera “Ishtar,” and perform with mentors Sonny Simmons and Herbie Lewis. He studied for piano BFA at New School Jazz in NYC before moving to Israel, where he worked for Jerusalem Peacemakers, dedicated to Israel/Palestinian dialogue. There, he met a vocal coach who changed his life. He returned to San Francisco & immersed himself in the indie scene recording an EP at Tiny Telephone (Death Cab Sleater Kinney John Vanderslice) where his releases have 2 million streams and over 9000 monthly listeners.


His touring band features Carter Yasutake on Keyboards (Macklamore, David Byrne) Rachel Zisette on Drums, Lee Jean Jr on Guitar (American Idol) and Jo-Anne Hyun on Bass (Toebow, Zula, Peel Dream Magazine)

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Contact Leon Rosen

Management: Jimena Colunga Gascón at Feroz Agency

Booking: Contact Leon directly for shows in the US. Contact Ms Gascón for Latin America.

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