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Lee Jean Jr.

A Musical Journey

Lee Jean Jr. is a fantastic lead guitarist and I'm lucky to tour with him. We are a dynamic band that blends fantastical sounds of many genres with the catchy melodies of Pop. During the whole tour we had been planning to feature Lee as front person. We accomplished this with an electrifying live show at Preservation Pub, Knoxville Tennessee on November 18, 2023. Lee's set continues to leave a lasting impression on us. From early performances on American Idol at age 16 to today.. Experience Lee's sound and magical stage energy on this video clip. I'm making it my dual project to help Lee Jean Jr. launch their real career.

Lee Jean Jr. had a whirlwind start in the music business at age 15, when he auditioned for American Idol. Not only did he make it to Hollywood, the Raeford, North Carolina-based musician made it all the way to top 8. “Looking back on it, I don’t feel I was really ready. I wasn’t sure of my musical identity and how I wanted to go about my career,” he says, though he does acknowledge the benefits of such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Since then, he has been working on finding his own voice and point of view as a songwriter. “As of now, I am focusing on my own music and trying to establish myself as an independent artist,” he says. “And here I am.” 

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